A horse starving from hunger and thirst was rescued by a teenager. The horse got a second chance to live


A horse who was starving from hunger and thirst in a hole was noticed by a teenager. The life of the horse changed abruptly after meeting the teenager.

It was half past five when Kelsey and her mother were driving the car when they noticed a horse in one side of the road lying in despair.

Kelsey saw the horse was exhausted and she understood that she must rescue the horse.

As they could not carry the horse by car, the teen walked 9 miles with the horse. They had walked for four hours.

As they came home the girl started to nurse the horse. The caring Kelsey looked after the horse very carefully.

The horse was named Sonny . She fed her properly , cured her and after some time the horse became very lively and healthy. Thanks to this kind girl the horse has  a new chance to live and prosper.

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