A man driving on an empty desert road sees two dark shapes on the road and realizes that they are stray puppies


On a trip to a place you’ve never been before, you’re expected to experience new and foreign things. Some surprises thrown here and there, as shocking as they are, are to be expected.

I’m sure Jordan Kahana, the man in the video below, expected to be surprised by the new environments and sites on his road trip.

Yet nothing could have prepared him for the surprise that awaited him, because when this man found a pair of stray puppies on the road, his life was changed forever.

In November 2016, Kahana, a self-proclaimed dog lover, was to adopt a husky.

But at the last second, he got cold eyes and decided not to have a dog.

Around the same time, his office was closing for the holidays, so he decided it was the perfect opportunity for a road trip.

His trip would take him from his home to Los Angeles, Arizona, for a visit to the Grand Canyon.

He filmed his journey.

«OK, I’m driving to the Grand Canyon in the middle of nowhere in Arizona,» he says as he drives.

Suddenly, on a completely empty stretch of highway, he distinguishes two small dark shapes that prompt him to stop.

«You won’t believe what I just found in the middle of the road!» he said.

Two 8-week-old puppies, completely alone.

Completely shocked, Kahana chased them and saved them from the road before taking them to an animal hospital in nearby Page.

There, they were taken care of, received their vaccinations, and on the spot, Kahana decided to adopt the two puppies, calling himself and the duo «Adventure Squad» and documenting their journey back to their new home!

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