A teenage farmer rescued a pilot after a helicopter crash and became a hero


Logan Schneider never thought he would face something like this.

He was already packing his bags at his family’s cherry farm 20 miles north of Wenatchee, Washington, with his tractor when the unthinkable moment happened.

A helicopter fell from the sky and hit power lines and landed on its tractor. He was pressed against the steering wheel, caught by the nose of the helicopter sitting just behind him.

Logan didn’t have time to think when all this happened. He immediately tried to pull out of the rubble to save himself.

But then, when he looked up, he saw the pilot hanging upside down from his harness. He heard him scream, looked, and saw that he was hanging upside down. Fire was everywhere. At that moment, he didn’t really think about it, he did.

And it’s good that Logan reacted to the situation, and didn’t panic. Or the pilot and Logan would also have been more injured. Logan became a hero. He, with his sharp mind and quick actions, was able to free the pilot.

And they only suffered small minor injuries, which is such a blessing given that there were a lot of fires.

When the fire was already extinguished, they saw that his tractor had burned and the helicopter was in ruins. It is a miracle that they were only slightly injured in this strange accident.

The chances of being hit by a falling helicopter are astronomical, not to mention one of them hitting you and leaving.

The chances of simply moving away from such an incident are very low. Logan knows that too. He says that he feels that someone is always looking at him, God is looking at him, protecting him.

And you never know when it might be your last moment. And he took advantage of his chance. He bought a lottery ticket and won two dollars! In a way, Logan felt that this incident was not an accident either, and that there could be a reason for it.

He found out that he and the pilot had the same birthday. Also, Logan actually wants to be a pilot. In fact, he attends flight school at the beginning of the fall season.

It is hard to believe that this incident happened to a teenager whose first reflex was to act rather than run or panic.

What a wonderful child! Work hard, respect, act when someone’s life is at stake. Sometimes people despise teenagers, but that’s not the case! Great job, good luck becoming a pilot!

And given what happened, we know that if we end up on the plane Logan is on, we’ll definitely be in good hands!

Listen to Logan recount the entire incident in his own words in the video below! If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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