A 50-year-old woman’s dream comes true when she gives birth to her first child


After years of battling infertility, Susie Troxler was thrilled to finally get pregnant.

In 2021, Susie and Toni Troxler finally have the little girl they were expecting. Mom was 50 at the time and dad was 61.

They tried to have a baby for over a decade before realizing they just couldn’t afford it.

Married for 13 years when they welcomed Lily, the couple didn’t think about fertility treatments because, like many people, they were simply not sure what options were actually available to them.

When they got married, they waited for the woman to get pregnant, but that didn’t happen. At the time, no one even told them about IVF.

She was in her late forties when the doctor first asked her, «Is there anything else, concerns or questions?»

Susie ventured to ask questions about her fertility and was surprised by the answer. She mentioned that she was not yet pregnant and the doctor said they could work there!

As soon as Susie was referred to a reproductive specialist, specifically a reproductive endocrinologist, her problems became apparent.

Troxler was diagnosed with fibroids, benign tumors that grow in the lining of the uterus. She underwent surgery in January 2019.

But that doesn’t mean getting pregnant will be easy. They still had to take into account Susie’s age, as well as some of her husband’s health complications.

The Troxlers were offered to try in vitro fertilization. But they have never been able to produce a viable embryo.

Then they decided to try egg donation, but the embryo created did not implant in Susie’s uterus. After that, the pandemic suspended their plans for almost a year.

They were left with an embryo, which was frozen. It was their last chance and in February 2021 it worked!

The couple couldn’t believe their last attempt had worked. They called the pregnancy «surreal.»

Even more surprising was Susie’s pregnancy, which «went off without incident.» At his age, there are often complications.

But after a caesarean section scheduled for September 29, 2021, the Troxlers finally became parents.

She said it was a beautiful, exciting and peaceful time. Everyone in the room was excited and she came out healthy and happy!

Baby Lily was born happy and healthy to two loving parents who are thrilled to have her with her, even if it means less sleep than ever.

«We see things as they should have been. This is our miracle baby,» the new mom said.

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