A funny video of a parrot. The parrot accidentally exposes cheating husband affairs with the housemaid


Parrots are very smart but they are very tricky. The parrot expressed such a sentence and said words that exposed that the huband had affairs with the housemaid.

The parrot says flirty words to the family members. They become surprised. The wife who suspected her husband started to think he was just right.

The woman rushed to the police to inform about the husband’s unfaithful affairs. The witness was her parrot.

As having affairs is illegal in the Arabian world the husband was going to be arrested.

The prosecution officer told that maybe the bird had heard such sentences from radio or the TV.

Another  example that the parrot tells the truth that the girlfriend of Chris Taylor has a beloved. The parrot said that «I love you, Gary».

The parrot told even the name of the partner. There are many such funny situations.

Here is the video:

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