After Spending His Entire Life On The Street, An Elderly Cat Devotes The Last Few Years To Helping Orphaned Kittens…


Cats present a variety of issues. When they realize they have no one to back them up, they end up living alone on the streets day after day. No one notices them or pays attention to them. But they never lose hope that one day someone would grant them their greatest wish: a loving home.

Runt, a poor 14-year-old male cat that has been through a lot, has now become a surrogate father to orphaned kittens. Emily Blythe, Runt’s human mother, has provided him with numerous opportunities to save other abandoned kittens.

Blythe is a member of the Lake County Animal Shelter’s staff in Tavares, Florida. As a foster mom, she has taken in and raised ownerless cats. One of her foster cats, Runt, was a senior cat. On the street, the cat was found helpless and injured. Blythe was told that the cat had spent his entire life wandering the streets, but no one wanted to help him.

“He was severely underweight, had open wounds, and was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection.” – Blythe stated.

Fortunately, Runt had been improving at the animal clinic for weeks and was ready to be placed in a foster home. Blythe volunteered to take the cat home to foster temporarily because she thought he would instantly bond with her elder kittens. When it comes to odd or new situations, stray cats are notorious for taking a long time to adjust. Perhaps Runt was an outlier.

“He was right at home with my senior kitties. He seemed to bloom out of nowhere.” – Said the woman.

Runt, the stray tabby cat, finally has an official home for the first time in his life. Blythe explained that she couldn’t take him to the shelter because he was already a resident. He is at ease and satisfied with his house, which provides him with a warm environment, delicious food, Blythe, and the older cat siblings.

Runt has also started a ‘business’ grooming and raising other stray kittens as a way of repaying his human mother. If Blythe hadn’t brought a sick kitten home, she would never have known the parental instinct kicked in.

“I brought home a little kitten that weighed less than a pound.” I didn’t think she’d make it, but Runt took it upon himself to care for her and clean her up – almost like a mother – and she made it.” – Blythe clarified.

The mother is so taken aback by Runt’s fatherhood that she keeps bringing him kittens to look after. Dolly and Reece, two small kittens, are also under Runt’s care. Dolly the tuxedo kitten adores her surrogate father and is constantly seeking his affection.

With so many orphaned kittens, Runt is having the time of his life. Blythe is so lovely that she accepts him for who he is. Nothing but love has the power to transform the world. With his senior gang Sassy, Pixie, and Petunia, the woman usually updates Runt’s life on social media.

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