When she was pregnant and fell, no one stopped to help her, but she is now healing thanks to her heroes.


Although most people enjoy the company of a pet, and the idea of getting rid of their dog or cat probably does not come to mind, cohabitation between humans and animals is not always successful.

Many pets roam the streets, helpless, rejected, miserable and without anyone to love them.

This is the story of Lisa, a dog who was discovered lying on the road, on the cold tarmac, victim of human humiliation. She was pregnant, but her alleged attacker didn’t seem to care because she was seriously injured.

The little girl didn’t have enough power to get up when she was discovered by an angelic child, which made her rescue much more difficult. Even though his story was shared on social media, no one else had asked for his help.

When a pro-animal rights organization finally spoke out, it was too late to save her precious babies. In the midst of his anguish, he suddenly and silently lost them all.

«A small child discovered a pregnant stray dog who had been abused and thrown on the road. We rushed to find her immediately, but we couldn’t locate her. «Our volunteers kept looking for her until we saw her walking down the road,» the animal rescue organization said.

And this is the story of many voiceless beings, like Lisa, who have to deal with the lack of love of beings they once trusted, believed in and loved with all their being, and who have to deal with these kinds of circumstances.

«She seemed to have recently given birth, but unfortunately lost all her puppies to rectal prolapse and depression.» «We were worried that if we approached her with food, she might run away, but fortunately, the food caught her attention,» a spokeswoman for the group noted.

The group of volunteers approached the dog slowly but surely, making a lot of effort and taking concrete steps to ensure her safety and help her recover. However, this was not a simple task. It took a long time for things to start to improve.

Fortunately, Lisa has been saved and she is recovering. It is already showing clear signs of progress. It feeds well, it is calmer and it is gradually gaining ground.

«Due to the abuse during pregnancy and infant death, she was extremely thin, dehydrated, weak and anemic.» What was the point of doing this to this poor wanderer? «Did they beat her just because she was trying to feed her children?» The organization noted.

Of course, after such heinous violence, Lisa was terrified, suspicious, and always defensive. He didn’t even drink water, so a syringe was used to inject vital fluids.

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