The world’s tallest women


Many young girls of small stature sigh with envy at the imposing silhouette of the top models. Men often imagine a tall and flamboyant companion by their side. But in fact, the life of a girl over 185 cm is often full of mockery and hurtful nicknames, rather than admiring looks and compliments. Our list of the 10 tallest women in the world is even more challenging.

Ekaterina Gamova – 202 cm

She began to practice under the guidance of her aunt, who discerned exceptional abilities in her niece. Thus, Ekaterina Gamova holds the title of champion of Russia, Turkey, Europe and the world, winner of the Grand Prix and the World Cup of Champions.

Rita Miniva Besa – 203 cm

For some people, being tall is a blessing, and Rita is one of them. She has become a famous and talented basketball player, and is part of the American basketball team.

Elizabeth Cambage – 203 cm

Liz was born in London. One of the tallest women in the world has been playing for the Australian basketball team Tulsa Shock since 2011.

Caroline Welz – 205 cm

Germany’s tallest woman embarks on modeling. Her clothes are made to order and she can’t buy women’s size 49 shoes in a regular store. However, in her youth as well as in adulthood, Caroline has never felt embarrassed by her measurements, and these do not prevent her from living a dynamic and fulfilling life.

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