Save the poor dog who was deserted and had a huge leash wrapped around his neck in a house


We are animal rescue personnel,

Once we receive details about abandoned or sick small animals, we always do our best to help them.

Save the poor pet in the deserted house poor animal misplaced his mother.

This little pet was staying in this outdated house without meals or water, positive he is voracious and thirsty.

We gave him a few meals and tried to check his physique if he is okey, and if he does not have any healthy inconvenience. it looks like he is okey but we decided to take him to a vet to check that he is in the right circumstances.

We took him to the vet, he examined the poor dog and the constructive hews is that he is in good circumstances but he wants good amilentation to recover his weight …

Later, we gave him an ideal bath to wash away all the soiled problems of his physique and look at how beautiful it is.

Now he is a beautiful dog, residing in a pretty dwelling and having fun with his life.

I hope we can help all the animals that need help.

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