The foster pit bull is so happy to meet her new father that she can’t stop kissing and hugging him


A foster Pit Bull named Demi (now Maggie) met her new father for the very first time and it was like «they’ve known each other for years.» Maggie jumped on her new father and couldn’t help but hug him and kiss him. She was so happy that she even took off her hat.

Pitties From Heaven’s mission is to encourage pit bulls to find loving homes. The South Carolina rescue shared the adorable clip on TikTok in the caption of the video: «That’s why we encourage. This is the time when a neglected dog is part of a family.

Husband and wife Mary and Mark McCraw wanted to save a new dog after their old dog Mischka died of cancer. When they heard about Maggie, the dog melted their hearts and they knew they wanted her to join their family.

Maggie’s affection wasn’t just for Mark. Mary told the Dodo that Maggie was fully embracing her too. «I leaned over so she wouldn’t be intimidated, and within seconds she was on my lap and in my life,» she said. «Meeting her was love at first sight, it was an instant connection. We feel like she was supposed to be with us. »

Andra Mack, who welcomed Maggie, says Maggie was one of the sweetest dogs she had ever welcomed. «They were supposed to be together,» Andra told Maggie and the McCraws’ The Dodo.

«The ray of sunshine that is clear in the video makes me believe that their former dog, Mischka, was looking down on this meeting and smiling.»

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