Rare Footage Shows 40 Ton Humpback Whale Leaping Entirely Out Of The Water



How much of a swimming start did he have to do to get this far out of the water at such a great weight and against the pull of the water around him?
Imagine the strength it takes to propel that much weight like this…!😮

Craig Capehart and three other scuba divers were sailing along the coast of Pondoland, South Africa, [hunting] for sardines, when they came across a sight that they will never forget.

It was a rare clear, crisp, cold, winter day, but they weren’t expecting any action, which is why they were all totally blown away when they saw a massive humpback whale breaching several times.

How Amazing…! Imagine the muscle strength needed to do this! Awesome strength.

That alone would be enough to fill anybody with excitement, but before disappearing back into the depths of the ocean, the whale gave them one last show incredible as a souvenir.

In a display of incredible power and grace, the whale jumped completely out of the water, leaving both Craig and their colleagues with their mouths wide open. A very rare event indeed.

These majestic creatures are Phenomenal! 🐋 Totally awesome that the humpback whale is completely out of the water!🐋
We’re Pretty sure they do it all the time. They were very privileged to see it first hand.

This is evolution. Whales will soon grow feathers and fly free of the water.🤣

Truly magnificent sight. Beyond breathtakingly beautiful. Fantastic great to see…!👏

See Truly amazing Video bellow! To be there at the right time wow 👏

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