The dog walks 4 miles around town every day just to say hello to everyone!



Bruno was a “special” dog. He loved his freedom and the people of this small town who gave him love.💕😘
He’s spent almost every day for the past 12 years walking 4 miles around town, just to say «hello» to the locals…

Bruno AKA The Wandering Dog started traveling in Longville, Minnesota at an early age. Rescued from the streets by Larry LaVelle after a passerby mistook him for Larry’s dog 12 years ago, so he decided to keep him.

Bruno wouldn’t be domesticated so easily and loved to go on trips.

He had to get used to people calling him to tell him they found his dog, only to tell them he is (a wan.derer).

Bruno was unlike most dogs, he was perfectly capable of long journeys on his own.
His favorite places are the ice cream shop, city hall, the library, and several grocery stores and office buildings where he would receive leftover meat.

The townspeople loved him so much that they named him the town dog and even designed a wooden statue of him!
Just shows how much dogs appreciate being shown love.

You couldn’t ask for a better friend.

What an awesome dog. I love that the community is also his family.❤️😀
Bruno was an amazing dog and touched the lives of many. He will never be forgotten.

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