Basset Hounds Stays With Dying Baby Until Her Last Breath


This is the story of Nora Hall. She sadly explored this world for only 5 months. She suffered a catastrophic stroke that led to severe brain damage. It was later discovered that she was born with pulmonary hypertension. She did not have long to live. For the next three weeks she remained in an induced coma.

In her short life, Nora had won the hearts of her two dogs, Gracie and Grumpy. They are dachshunds. ,,Gracie in particular served as another mom.” Mary Hall told ABC News. ,,Whenever Nora cried, Gracie would run over and see what was going on. She was always, always there for Nora, holding her and making sure she was okay.”

As the family prepared to let Nora go, the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital asked her if she had any last wishes. Nora’s family answered with an emphatic ,,yes.” They wanted to know if their two dogs could say a final goodbye to their little girl.

,,We would be so grateful if you could leave our dogs with us at the hospital.” Hall said. ,,I wasn’t going to let them go home and find out where she was. They prepared the bed so that the dogs could lie next to her. Gracie immediately ran up to lick her.

,,It was really beautiful.” Mary said. ,,It gave us great reassurance.”

Gracie and Grumpy bring comfort to their family every day. May you rest in heaven, sweet Nora.

Watch Nora’s heartbreaking story in the video below!

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