A Veterinarian Treating Homeless People’s Animals In California For Free!


We need more compassion and care for these poor animals

It’s good to see the there are vets who take care of the homeless. Wish there were alot more helping them…
Doctors are truly angels, even if they do not have wings on their backs!

Dr. Stewart Kwane is a hero veterinarian who spends most of his time attempting to save stray animals, which is also one of the reasons he aspires to be a veterinarian. Homeless Californians refer to him as “The Street Vet” because he has always assisted them with their pets for free.

Homeless people already have a difficult life, and not being able to help their beloved four-legged friend when they are si.ck completely br.e.aks their hearts. Fortunately, Dr. Kwane arrived and is doing his best to assist them.

I practice advanced medicine for clients who can afford it all./////////////////// But then I was thrown into this economic war, and people couldn’t even afford to help their pets: Dr. Kwane explained, and he decided to start helping people who are having difficulty providing medical care for ho.me.less people’s animals, he wants to make a difference in the world.

Since 2011, he’s been out on the streets of California, offering free tre.atments, establishing a soup kitchen, and offering free health checkups, he didn’t expect that so many people are lining up to see him.

Dr. Kwane quickly realized that his services were in high demand, and he now spends his weekends walking around and offering his services for free, as well as tr.ea.ting a variety of mi.nor ail.ments on the spot.

However, not all of them are mildly i.ll, and for the animals with more ser.io.us conditions, Dr. Kwane is willing to pay for medical bil.ls, vaccines, and anything else for them to stay healthy. He even pays for surgery and other major treatments, which can cost several thousand [dollars]. Fortunately, he has a GoFundMe account that allows him to continue his good work!

Many ho.me.less people rely on their pets for love and companionship, and they cannot survive without them. Dr. Kwane’s compassion, expertise, and dedication have saved the lives of countless people and their pets.

Dr. Kwane is doing an outstanding job, and we hope that many vets will be inspired to take action as a result of his efforts. Hopefully, no one will lose their 4-paws friend because they can’t afford to take them to the vet!

Thank you for being such a kind thoughtful loving Man !!!! Such a good person !!!!!!These animals are So Blest to have a Vet taking care of them!!!!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!!!!!
Your heart is full of love for animals and you show it.

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