Mother Dog Longingly Watches Over Her Premature Puppies


The way she gazes through the glass at her newborn puppies will melt your heart?

When these puppies were born prematurely, they had to spend the first few hours of life in an incubator rather than with their worried mother. But, that didn’t stop their mom from watching over them to be sure they were safe.

Kuma, a four-year-old French bulldog, went into premature labor and gave birth to three puppies in Bangkok. To help two of the puppies get stronger, their veterinarian temporarily put them in an incubator.

As with all loving mothers, Kuma wanted nothing more than to be with her newborn puppies. Since she wasn’t yet allowed, she stood on a green stool in the vet’s office, one paw tenderly resting on the incubator, while she gazed through the glass at the tiny pups.

The sight is the sweetest thing. Watch as adorable Kuma intently stares through the glass walls of the incubator longing to be close to her puppies. It’s impossible not to want to encourage her, “soon, little momma, soon you’ll have your babies.”

Kuma is such a good momma and although not seen in the video, proud dad, Sour Pork, is also there. He’s waiting to welcome his new puppies into the family and just as excited to meet his puppies as Kuma is.

Fortunately for the dog family, the newborns didn’t have to stay in the incubator for too many hours. Despite being born premature, before long, they were strong enough to go home with a proud mom, dad, and their happy owner.

According to Newsflare, the three puppies went home later that day with their parents. Their human said:

“They’re so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them.”

It’s wonderful that the puppies were healthy enough to go home so mom can take care of them and they can see the third little puppy again.

We wish the tiny family well and know that soon enough, the adorable puppies will be running all over the house and acting rambunctious as all puppies do.

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