Hiker’s Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Her Side After She’s Injured In 300-Foot Fall


Without out the help of her reliable pup, Brittany Fintel says she may have gone into shock after a near-death situation in Washington state.

Fintel was hiking to the summit of Mount St. Helens’ with her German shepherd, Indiana (named after Indiana Jones), when she said “Indy” wanted to hike up the snow.

As they were walking on the volcano, the 32-year-old U.S. Navy veteran slipped on ice and tumbled more than 300 feet down a slope with jagged rocks.

“Once I slipped, I thought I was dead,” Fintel told KGW. “It was pretty much the end of me.”

Seven-year-old Indy, who is a trained PTSD service dog, went down to her and made sure she was okay, comforting her and licking her face.

After about 15 minutes passed, six people discovered her and came to help, including a nurse and a rescuer from a different mountain.

Fintel said all six stayed with her and talked to her and Indy for about five hours until she was airlifted off the mountain by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter.

Indy, wearing safety goggles over his face, watched his injured owner get taken away in the helicopter. He was later brought to the hospital.

Since the accident, Indy has not left Fintel’s hospital bedside as she recovers from her injuries, including fractures in her pelvis and spine and a concussion.

Fintel said Indy has been amazing throughout the entire process and she would have gone into shock if it wasn’t for her faithful companion.

“It was pretty much nothing short of a miracle,” she said.

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