The Lost Wolf Found Her Real Happiness In the People’s World


A 28-days-old little wolf named Kira was lost. She was found by a kind and devoted woman who became her best friend.

The woman’s name was Alida. She adopted the little wolf from a shelter.

She took deep care of the wolf and decided that she was going to live with her.

She did everything she could to grow a good and harmless wolf.

And she really succeeded in this assignment as Kira has become the most harmless wolf you have ever known.

Of course, it was not that easy to deal with a wild animal as everyone kept telling Alida that the wolf would be a real problem for her, that she would never get adopted, etc.

But Alida never gave up and continued to take her beloved friend to various places and to introduce new animals, people, and surroundings.

Though wolves don’t like new things, Kira was very glad to discover something new.

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