Meet Samson — New York’s largest cat who weighs 28 pounds


Maine Coon cats are popular all over the world because of their large size and thick double coat which is ideal for surviving harsh winter conditions. They are very sociable creatures who like to follow their owners wherever they go.

These cats are full of personality and are known to be gentle giants. Maine Coon cats have the ability to feel the mood of their human and are therefore ideal as pets.

They are naturally curious creatures that will purr in your heart. Since they are gentle, it is very easy for humans to get along with them.

Maine Coon cats are also strong and athletic. They are of great intelligence and are able to learn various tricks. These cats get along well with children as well as with dogs that accept cats.

However, it is not easy to take care of Maine Coon cats because their coat needs frequent care and their large size does not facilitate their handling.

Samson is a 28-pound Maine Coon cat living in New York City. It is not only larger than other domestic cats, but it is also larger than wild bobcats. Jonathan Zurbel is the human owner of Samson.

This adorable plush ball is about 4 feet long and has successfully earned the title of «The Largest Cat in New York.» It is also possible that it is the largest cat in the world.

The cat that held the previous Guinness World Record passed away in 2013 and Samson is well suited for the title as he is 4.04 feet tall. He is adorable as well as a tough cat.

The term «gentle giant» can certainly be applied to Samson because of his gentle nature. Unlike other Maine Coon cats, Samson is not overweight or fat. Rather, it is a sturdy and strong cat.

This cute loving waits by the bedroom door until her human wakes up. He then enters the room and sits on the belly of his human owner. According to Jonathan, «He is very kind and gentle and a very well behaved cat. It’s a dream cat.»

This ball of brown and white plush toys is quite the poseur and people absolutely love it. Don’t forget to take a look at his adorable photographs as we guarantee you’ll fall in love with him at first sight.

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