The newborn welcomes Dad with a radiant smile because she recognizes her father’s voice who spoke to her all the time


Flávio Dantas lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The man dreamed of being a father. And that’s it, a charming girl was born who was called Antonella. She was born on Father’s Day in Brazil.

From the first moments of her birth, when she heard her father’s voice, the newborn daughter greeted him with a radiant smile.

This is because he often talked to his daughter when his wife Tarsila Rosa Cordeiro Batista was pregnant.

And now he has received the results of his efforts, the charming smile of his cute.

Doctors put the newborn girl on her mother’s chest.

The little one was asleep, but when she heard her father’s voice, she opened her eyes and smiled softly.

That wonderful innocent smile melted the heart of Flávio and his wife.

«When I was pregnant, my husband talked with his baby all the time. He said that he loved her madly and eagerly awaited her birth.

And every time, when he spoke, I felt that the child was moving in my belly. Batista told Só Notícia Boa.

Specialists claim that the fetus welcomes sounds as early as 16 weeks, and at 26 weeks it already hears noises from the inner world.

So Antonella had enough time to hear her father’s voice and get used to it.

A staff member filmed these special moments and the captivating images invaded the internet.

«It’s hard to explain the feelings I felt at that time.

Each time, I would talk to my daughter when she was in my wife’s womb, say tender words to her and cuddle her with my voice,» Dantas explained.

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