U.S. Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy rescues 90 dogs to be eaten in Korea


Gus Kenworthy is an American skier who became famous after rescuing 90 dogs at the Olympic Games.

The games were held in Sochi, where he found two small dogs and it was only after a long job that he was able to move them home to America.

One day, he and a friend visited a farm in South Korea and saw a dog bred here for sale.

He was terrified even though he realized that eating a dog was part of Korean culture and said he had no right to impose his point of view on the local population.

However, the treatment of these animals is absolutely inhumane.

He decided to adopt one of the dogs with a friend as soon as the dog receives his vaccinations, he will be able to move to America.

Later, with the help of Humane Society International, 90 dogs were taken from the farm to the United States and Canada for adoption.

Since such cases are like a dog, every step of help can be and it is very possible that these stories will spread through people like the mother and inform everyone of the problem.

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