A footage of the funniest piano playing cockatoo


The cockatoo imitates very perfectly. These birds like to make any situation funny.

Every scene where they are present is too hillarious as in this story. The cute cockatoo does not stop to surprise us.

The footage shows how the cockatoo plays the piano in a very proffessional way. The cockatoo is so confident whatever he does.

The silly cockatoo behaves so strange. The cockatoo is named Ringo. The cockatoo is so funny as well as smart.

The cockatoo even bows after his performance. The cockatoo is so professional. He likes attention as well as to be in the centre of attention.

His skills at music are uncomparable. He is even considered to be the funniest cockatoo playing the piano. The scene was captured and this footage will make your day.

Here is the video:

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