The mother dog called for help as she was exhausted and could not feed her children.


This mother dog asked people for help because she was weak and couldn’t feed her puppies.

The dog had three puppies. The puppies were screaming for help because they had nothing to eat. They looked tired.

The poor puppies have lived their lives poor and malnourished since birth. The mother had no milk to feed her little puppies.

A woman noticed them and took them to the vet. One of the animals was sick, the other two were healthy.

This is where the dog was treated. She and her puppies were fed and cared for properly.

After 2 months at the shelter, she felt better and was able to take care of her puppies. She could feed three puppies. Today, the mother dog has gained weight and is more beautiful day by day.

The mother dog and her three puppies were rescued by a kind family. Now they all live together and happily.

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