A very hillarious footage of a talking parrot who has full blown conversation with his reflection


A talking parrot Eistein is a popular and silly parrot who likes to entertain and talk continously.

The parrot likes to dance and sing. The parrot also adores doing silly things and enjoys getting much attention. The parrot adores imitating animal sounds.

The parrot’s talking skills will make you feel entertained all the time. We all know from Snow White’s Evil stepmother quote » Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

The parrot is in front of the mirror in the bedroom. The parrot adores gazing at his reflection ans start to talk or complain. Standing in front of the mirror is a perfect place for him to mimic animal sounds.

When the owner of the parrot compliments the parrot of having a nice feather the parrot starts to make a wolf whistling.

Eistein thinks that he is very handsome and he thinks he might be the fairest of all.

Watch the hillarious video:

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