Christophe Dechavanne, banned from television due to his age, has lost hope of a return: At 64, he is back


Christophe Dechavanne will soon be back on television screens after a break due to his age. You will find all the details in this article.
He had a very successful career as a television presenter, but at 61 he was forced to leave TF1 and lost all hope of working on the small screen again.

However, at 64, the presenter is back in shape.He was born on January 23, 1958 in Paris. Son of a real estate agent, he attended the École Immobile des Professions. At the time, he was about to follow in his father’s footsteps.

However, thanks to a friend who worked at France Inter, he decided to enter the audiovisual world. He began his career in radio, working at Radio 7, France Inter, then RTL in the early 1980s.

Over the years, he has captivated his audience with his dynamic and friendly style. Over the years, he has become an icon of French television. Christophe Deschavants has not been on television for two years.

However, he has not completely disappeared from the media scene. However, Sophie Lapointe’s ex-husband made it clear in an interview that he would not end his career. And now it’s confirmed.

Christophe Deschavants will always remain one of the biggest names in French television, despite the setbacks he experienced with the public a few years ago. On June 14, 2021, he was fired from his job at La Une and attempted to return to television.

The former presenter of “Ciel, mon mardi!” Luckily, he didn’t end up on the small screen. As Le Parisien reports on August 15, 2022, his return will take place in the fall.

This time, the 64-year-old former friend of Patrice Carmouze will not appear on TF1 or C8, but on France 2. Every Saturday, you will see him alongside Ley Salamé in the channel’s new talk show .

Before returning to television, Christophe Dechavanne left town for the last time. But it didn’t end well.The iconic presenter shared a rather disturbing post on social media about what happened to her while she was picking apples.

First, he shared a video of apples «ravaged by hornets». Then he showed his swollen hand after being bitten by the animal. Christophe Deschavann explained what happened in an article posted on Instagram.

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