When he asked his dog about the mess in the room, I wasn’t expecting to see this response


The social media is full of funny videos of animals. And in the Google as well, it is one of the most looked for items. Actually they are adorable, hilarious and pleasant to watch.

That is about the video that we uploaded here. in the video there are two little canines who seems to love getting into troubles. This wonderful creatures will leave you breatheless, with their cute little antics.

Their poor owner, was never waiting to see such a mess while entering the room. There was torn Kleenex all over his living-room. He asked one of his pups but does not get any reply.

The first one keeps on his poker face. And the second looks like an aristocrat.

But when you see the response of the other one. You will surely burst out loughing. You will never believe what happens.

We are glad that their owner got the time to film these two cuties. They should entertain him every day. This will make you wish to have them as well.

I assure you that you will enjoy watching this video.

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