A hairless pit bull, abandoned in the cold, has amazingly changed


This is Paige, who was found cold on the outside, with a few short hairs. The young pit bull seemed defeated, ready to lay down his life.

This is how Christina found him, she easily accepted the dog, gave him a warm place to rest. After the dog calmed down, Christina took him to the vet.

It turned out that he suffered from severe itching, which caused his hair to fall out.

Kristin said the veterinarian called dog scabies “one of the worst cases of itching.”

The poor dog was in pain, but Christy wasn’t about to give up. She took him home, helped the dog relax, tried to win him over by showing that he was very much loved.

A few days later, a woman named Nicole took the dog in with her until he recovered. She really wanted to help him.

With her help, the dog was already on the road to recovery, but only physically. They needed time until he was ready for full adoption. But it was still early.

Paige spent several weeks with Nicole, putting down her box and refusing to budge.

He was sleeping and he was not interested in games and other animals, everything was uninteresting to him.

But one day something changed in him. Page slowly got up from his box and began to study the house in which he lived. It progressed slowly, but later Page played like a real dog.

At that moment, she realized that the dog was ready for adoption. Then he was officially registered for adoption, and they received a request from a woman who was deeply moved by his story.

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