Hero Mother: The dog starved and froze for months without leaving her five puppies hungry


People all over the internet were moved by this story of Celeste’s devoted mother dog.

We are talking about the two-year-old Celeste, who was ruthlessly thrown into the street when she was pregnant. She was forced to live and give birth on the street alone and without the help of people.

Then she practically died out, still doing everything in her power to take care of her beloved puppies. The life of a street dog is definitely not easy, especially if she still has babies.

She had to feed them, protect and take care of them.

After that, Celeste was so exhausted when they were all found. All her energy, all her nutrients were spent on ensuring that her puppies were fed and did not freeze in the cold.

She was so thin, and the puppies sucked her milk like crazy, and she endured it all, although she herself was starving.

But, despite their difficult start to life, the puppies, fortunately, turned out to be completely healthy.

It was the body of Celeste, emaciated from hunger as she struggled to keep her five puppies alive. She did her best to keep them safe and sound for 5 months.

Finally, it was Celeste’s turn to feel calm and safe.

Celeste would rather starve herself to death than let one of the puppies starve, she is such a mother… And she is a good mother who has always loved puppies more than herself!

But now it’s time for her to become loved and become the happiest mother in the world!

It was fate when they were all welcomed into the home of foster mother Elaine Nelson-Hosack.

They found themselves exactly when they really needed help. They both needed a loving heart and support.

The puppies and Celeste will soon recover and will never again suffer from lack of food or fear of insecurity. They found their true love and support just in time!

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