Footage . Cute Bulldog Pup Wanted A Seat On The Couch, And Had A “Feisty Confrontation” With Dad


Bulldog pups are known for their sassy attitudes when it comes to temper tantrums. In this video, we see tiny Greta, a tiny Bulldog puppy, attempting to persuade her father through a feisty debate.

It appears that Greta is furious about something. She prowls around Dad’s feet like a munchkin, clearly disappointed at being denied a seat on the couch.

Dad’s taunting remarks are only making matters worse, and Greta becomes enraged with Dad.

Greta takes a ‘hissy fit’ as she growls and barks on the floor. Every time she leaps and puffs with furious roars, the tiny infant is knocked off her feet.

Her attempts to be scary, on the other hand, are hilariously in vain; only innocent squeaks come out of her mouth.

Greta, on the other hand, appears unconcerned. She stands up to her father by extending her front legs, allowing him to sit at last on the couch.

And suddenly, all of Greta’s irritated fury is in the air as she stops being miserable and saunters around the sofa with pleasure!

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