Look carefully at the picture and count how many dogs you see. you will know your psychological age


It often happens that our psychological age does not correspond to our biological age. And if the difference is too big, it can affect the individual. Being infantile, or on the contrary, having a lot of life experience, are psychological problems that need to be solved with a specialist.

However, if there is such a difference, but it is not big, it is even better. You can find out your psychological age through this test, which Positive offers today. Just look at the picture and count how many dogs you see.

4 dogs

Your mental age is 15-20 years old

You think that life should be easier to look at. You love art, joy and everything that gives you energy. In addition, you are creative, you can find a common language with people and you like to travel a lot. This kind of life makes you a happy person.

5 dogs

Your mental age is 25-30.

In this life, you are already hardened by the problems of elders. However, you really like to be happy. You are a simple person who prefers to enjoy life. That’s why you don’t try to complicate it.

6 dogs

Your mental age is 30-40.

In the eyes of those around you, you seem a bit old-fashioned. You have a stable life and job. You always carefully weigh your actions before making hasty decisions. In addition, you are very peaceful, have a mature outlook on life and a high chance of success.

7 dogs

Your mental age is 10-15 years old.

You look at life through rose-colored glasses. That naive child still lives in your heart. At the same time, you are simple, you like to be happy with simple things and take care of those around you.

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