A man saved a she-wolf with cubs, and 4 years later, fate reunited them again.


One day, a man was walking along a stream when he suddenly saw that there were trees between the trees. The man looked closer and saw that it was a wolf that had fallen into a trap.

When he began to approach him, he wanted to walk away, but could not, because the trap interfered with any of his movements.

He noticed that she was actually a she-wolf, as her nipples were swollen with a lot of milk, which meant she had just had babies. The man thought they were hungry and waiting for their mother.

He decided he would help the she-wolf, but he was scared because he thought she would be aggressive and attack him. So, he decided to follow in his footsteps, because it was snowing and everything was visible.

He walked a few meters and noticed that there was a small hole. The man assumed that the she-wolf’s children were there. He was right, because as he approached, he heard the screams of the babies. He saw them, the children were very skinny, small and hungry.

He realized that they really needed her, so she put all the babies in a bag and took them to their mother.

When he approached her, the she-wolf realized that her children were with the man. He released the cubs and they all ran to their mother and started sucking her milk.

The poor mother wolf had a deep wound caused by a bleeding trap. The man really wanted to help him, but he was still very scared, because the she-wolf looked at him with menacing eyes, it would be too risky.

He realized that she hadn’t eaten anything for a long time due to the fact that she had been trapped for a long time. He remembered that when he was at the river, he noticed the corpse of a deer.

The man went there and brought him a deer, and the she-wolf began to literally swallow his food. But even when she was already full, she did not let the man approach her, and the man was still afraid of him.

He decided to stay there for a few days and set up camp nearby. Several times a day, he fed them and played with the little cubs. He wanted to earn her trust.

Finally, when two days had passed, the she-wolf no longer roared against the man, and he decided it was time to free her from there. Eventually, the man was able to approach her and freed the she-wolf from the trap.

When she came out of there, she took her babies and went with them deep into the forest. But eventually, she came back, looked at the man confidently for the last time, and left.

Four years have passed since that day and the man has decided to go back again. When he reached this place where the she-wolf was trapped, he heard noises. A predator was slowly approaching him, footsteps were heard.

Suddenly, the man saw that it was the she-wolf she had saved from the trap. She went out to thank him again, she recognized him and it was amazing!

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