The baby elephant cried for 5 hours because of the separation from his mother, who tried to kill him.


Employees of a Chinese zoo saw an elephant crying after being separated from its mother. It lasted about five hours and it was very moving.

The baby elephant caresses were a very happy event for the zoo. They were very happy to have been able to save the life of the baby who was about to die. Her mother stepped on her right after giving birth.

The vets thought the baby was injured, so they took him out of the cage to examine him. Research showed that the elephant really injured its cub, so specialists had to treat the small patient’s wounds.

After a few hours, he was returned to his mother, but this had bad consequences as the mother again tried to attack and injure the child.

Zoo employees, shocked by his behavior, rushed to take the newborn away from his aggressive mother and take him to safety. The poor little boy was so sad that he started crying. The workers tried to help him, but it didn’t help.

He cried non-stop for five hours, they were very attached to each other, but the staff could not risk the life of the little one.

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