Elephant Cries For Help After Antelope Friend Falls Into Water – Saves Its Life


Elephant cries for help after antelope pal falls into water – saves its life

For a helpless tiny antelope at a Guatemala zoo, some playtime with its herd could have turned into a nightmare. The horned animal had fallen into the water by accident and was struggling to get out. Fortunately, the antelope was given another chance thanks to the alert elephant, who alerted the keepers as soon as she realized her small friend was in danger. The elephant’s cries for help were heard by a brave zookeeper, who intervened and saved the day. A visitor captured the dramatic moment on video!

Maria Diaz witnessed a scene she will never forget while visiting the Zoológico La Aurora in Guatemala. When a group of antelopes ran into the elephant enclosure, one of them fell into a pond and was in danger of drowning. But, thankfully, Trompita, a 60-year-old elephant, was on the lookout and saved the day in spectacular fashion.

“Today I was fortunate to witness something very beautiful,” the woman wrote on Facebook. “An elephant seemed desperate to warn that an antelope was drowning, in the end it was rescued by a brave worker.”

The distressed elephant cried out for assistance, and she even attempted to lift the helpless animal with her trunk, but failed. Fortunately, a zookeeper heard the elephant’s cries for help and rushed over to investigate. Romeo López, a brave man, eventually managed to pull the antelope out of the water.

“I saw an antelope in the water that was terrified and fighting for its life, and an elephant trying to help him,” Maria Diaz told Storyful. “I was really impressed and happy when it was finally rescued by a brave worker.”

Trompita, who has worked at the Aurora Zoo for over 14 years, grew close to the antelopes because they share an enclosure.

The dramatic moment can be seen below!

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