Meet Gary; The Adorable Rescue Cat And His Adventures


Gary, the 5-year-old rescue cat, is an Instagram sensation. He is not just an adorable kitty but is also an adventurous one who enjoys paddling, hiking, and mountaineering. One look at his gallery is enough to convince you that this cat has better vacations than us humans. Gary loves adventures and even sits at the door and meows at his owner when he isn’t taken out enough.

Gary’s owner tries his best to make the cat’s travels comfortable and happy. The cat is introduced to new activities at a slow pace so that he can adapt to them taking his own sweet time.

#1. This cat was born ready to fly.

#2. You can obviously see the excitement on his face.

#3. Nature is where I belong.

#4. Floating on the water while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

#5. Ready for some mountaineering.

#6. Aren’t I the most handsome cat ever?

#7. And yes, I have my own adorable little tent.

#8. The mountains are calling me.

#9. A cat needs his rest after a long day of mountain climbing.

#10. Nature is my home.

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