A hillarious and smart cockatoo barks like a dog to communicate with her best friend


Birds and dogs are intelligent creatures. They always do their best in any situation.

They would find a way to communicate with one another in such a way. In this video it is obvious that the cockatoo was so determined to talk with the dog.

The bird tries to be bilingual in order to take to his new friend. The tiny sweet cockatoo is named Brandy.

The cockatoo has lived with her owner for already 31 years. Two years ago they brought a dog in their family.

The dog is named Chou Chou. The parrot understood that the dog is going to be her close friend. The parrot began to take up a new language.

When the cockatoo wants to attract the attention of the dog her smacks beak. This gesture is so impressive. Then the parrot starts to bark like a dog. The scene they communicate is rather funny.

Here is the video:

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