A man sat down and comforted a dying fox


A man was quietly going to work. He was in a very good mood. But suddenly, he noticed a wild animal on the road. He loved animals very much and was very sad when he saw all this.

It was a fox, it was assumed that it had been hit by a car. When he approached, he saw that the fox was alive but suffering from pain. It was assumed that he was suffering. He wanted to help the poor animal.

He decided to stay close to the fox in the last minutes of his life so as not to feel alone. Finally, his eyes closed and the man stroked the animal’s head.

However, when he came home from work, he saw that the fox was still alive and fighting for his life. It was truly a miracle. He picked up the animal and took it to the vet.

Thanks to this good animal, the fox now lives.

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