German Shepherd Rescued After 8 Years of Abuse Dies with Loving Family


Meet Rex, a dog who was abused by his former owners. But he is somewhat softened by the fact that Rex at the end of his life was able to live the loving family life he deserved after so many years of suffering.

Rex’s story made a lot of noise. Saved by the Strasbourg SPA after the ordeal of his life, he recently found peace with his host family and has just died of an illness.

This nightmare lasted 8 long years for this German shepherd. At the beginning of the year, the Strasbourg SPA published on its Facebook page an appeal to find him a new home.

Previously, he knew only pain and loneliness. He lived locked in a barn in the middle of the earth and its excrement.

People only came to him to feed or drink him. He did not receive human warmth for a long time.

Rescued and placed in an orphanage, he was first adopted in April 2021. Rex suffered from an autoimmune disease that caused him to become very irritating and develop scabs all over his body.

His health was deteriorating and once he almost died. The owners could no longer support him and they took him back to the shelter.

After Strasbourg SPA shared a Facebook post about Rex in January, the dog got another chance. This time, he was adopted by a family living in Philipsburg, Moselle.

He has improved a lot thanks to the care of the shelter team and veterinarians, and he has been able to enjoy his new life to the fullest.

He was surrounded and loved to the end. Until June 21, when he left for paradise because of this disease, which returned to him again. If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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