The dog and her puppies were saved from death


Returning from their trip, the couple decided to bring a souvenir with them, but they never imagined that it could be an animal.

They went to different shelters and decided to commemorate the good time they had, the family decided to save one of the dogs who needed a home.

They decided to buy such an animal that really needed it. This dog they chose was in pain, his leg was broken and the shelter staff decided to euthanize him. So the couple took him and took him home with them. After a few hours, something unexpected happened.

The dog gave birth, she entrusted her puppies to these people. There were six of them. They immediately took the animals to the vet. Fortunately, after examination, it was confirmed that all were in good health.

The children grow up and are happy with their mother in a new family. This family saved seven lives.

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