The magnifying glass came to ask for food and the forester took pity on her: Two months later, three wolves came to the village


A man saves a wolf trapped in a trap, four years later, she saves his life

A man was walking in a wood and he saw a wolf that was in an accident, he was bait. He was shocked. He decided to help her but never thought that one day she would save him too.

When he looked closer, he saw that the wolf was full of milk and thought he had puppies.

He tried to find a place where they live and bring the cubs to their mother.

Welding the wolf noticed his puppies. The man understood that they were hungry and decided to go get a deer.

Then he set up his barracks.

In the morning he noticed the puppies playing in front of their mother.

He began to approach the wolf, to give him something to eat until he let himself be approached and free himself from the chains.

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