The man healed the owl, but then left: when he returned, the bird flew towards him and hugged him.


The Virginia Owl was taken to the vet in serious condition, but Douglas Podzecki managed to get her back on the wing.

Then the man had to leave for business.

He returned to the reserve a few months later, and literally a minute later, the same bird flew towards him and hugged him with wings, and the center staff filmed the whole situation.

Douglas Podzecki is known as one of the leading avian veterinarians at the Wild at Heart Rescue Volunteer Center in Mississippi.

Employees at the centre have long nicknamed Douglas the «Bird Whisperer». Man, in fact, not only knows birds well, but also knows how to establish relationships of trust with them.

Owl Gigi, a young eagle owl, arrived at the center in very serious condition.

There was almost no hope, but Douglas managed the incredible and the owl learned to fly again.

She was imbued with trust in the people and remained living on the territory of a small reserve adjacent to the centre building.

Gigi often visited Douglas, but one day the man had to leave on business.

The vet returned a few months later and almost immediately an owl entered through the open window. According to the center’s staff, Gigi danced on the table, then literally hugged Douglas with her wings:

Sooner or later, the owl will fly to other hunting grounds. But the bird will always remember its savior.

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