«My friend, I won’t give you to anyone»: A pensioner adopted a homeless dog and found happiness


April last year was very cold and overcast. And one rainy day, these people had a small puppy in the yard, which was a surprise to them.

The poor puppy was left in a box, where he was soaked by the rain and trembling with cold.

The man was really sorry for him and he just fed the puppy. That day he had guests, his daughter and grandson and a 4-month-old baby.

An elderly neighbor approached them and after talking with him, we can organize the best holiday in the world ourselves!

They agreed with the neighbors that the puppy should be with the neighbors for a week. An old man took a small puppy.

They gave it to him and hoped that for him it means that you are very difficult with him. In that short time, the old man fell in love with him and what would be best for you.

Soon, a sturdy puppy kennel appeared in the yard next door, large enough to accommodate two adult dogs. Dick quickly responded to the owner’s care with selfless love.

The dog always accompanied the pensioner wherever he went. They walked together and went to the store. Dick continued to sit on the porch and wait for his beloved master.

The old man became popular. They became best friends and named him Dick. He responded with the same care I had needed for a long time.

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