One woman banned her family from attending a funeral with a stern message: «Stay as far away from me as possible»


I think we all already know that in every family there can be conflict. Many of them can be stubborn and live for a long time as a family.

For example, in our story, this woman took her resentment to the grave. Due to quarrels, she did not allow any family members to attend her funeral.

This lady named Maria Paz Fuentes Fernandez passed away recently. His funeral was special.

Some people try to create an atmosphere of grief and sadness at the funeral, but Mary didn’t.

At her funeral, there was such an impression that no one was sad for her and no one was suffering.

But in fact, it’s so Mary asks that some of her family members simply not come to her funeral.

When this story was published in the local newspaper, it quickly spread on the Internet. People read Mary’s words and many began to observe her story, they were interested.

Among the expressions of respect and sympathy posted on Twitter were also comments from users affected by the obituary of the deceased. If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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