The fighting dogs were rescued and are now extremely happy to get free finally


One of the worst and painful things in the world is the dog fight. People make the dogs fight against each other and gain their benefits from their fight.

These wonderful dogs were rescued from a terrible dog fight. Actually, it required  a few hours to rescue the dogs and take them to shelter. It was obvious that they were in pain needed rehabilitation for a long period of time.

A number of the doggie were too weak and they could not even make a move. They were collapsed literally. They needed good care and recovery as soon as possible.

In the shelter, the dogs were relieved a lot and it was obvious that they were very happy to be freed and being taken to shelter. All the shelter employees were in love with the doggies and were very attentive to the doggies.

The dog fights should be prevented and prohibited from all over the world and all the dogs should live in peace and in dignity.

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