The truck driver burst into tears when, after months of searching, he met his lost travel companion.


Some time ago, the driver of this truck lost his friend, his cat. His cat was gray and his name was Ashes.

He had given up hope of ever buying his cat, but luckily one day he received an unexpected call.

Matthew has been traveling with a cat for a long time and even had a special place in the car for the animal.

And now the desperate driver was crying because of the cat’s absence. Since this cat had no family, the cat was its only parent.
Many people searched for him, many called him and helped him, but to no avail.

Matthew had asked the cat to do so, but when he went with him, he saw that the carcass was gone.

The truck driver cried when, after months of searching, he met his lost companion. To find the cat, he checked all the shelters and called everywhere.

Fortunately, a woman noticed Ashes on the street and could not pass indifferently.

He took the cat to a shelter, and after examining him, they found his owner through a microchip.

It is still unclear why the cat got there. But for Matthew, it was all a miracle.

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