Pittie small puppy thrown into a parking lot, he cried a lot when he was rescued


We are the animal rescue team, if small animals need help, we are here to help… These are their words, writes Andolass

They told us the story:

We get a call from a man, he sees a scene of a rickshaw driver pulling his dog by the neck. He was very angry about the other driver’s behavior.

He needs us to help the dog.

The rescue team quickly went to the distressed dog; A traumatic scene was unfolding before my eyes.

A mean man pulls on his dog’s neck.

We quickly went there to save the little dog.we bagged it to spare the dog. After that, we had to spend about $30 to buy the dog.

The dog is quite thin, he was very hungry, the owner would probably not feed him.

Later, we took the dog to a medical center to check on his health.

We replace the bad owner and take good care of the dog.

It is now in good hands

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