If you can find the woman in this photo, you have an above average IQ


There are many games and tests available on the internet that allow you to assess your physical and psychological abilities. Some even offer to take IQ tests to assess their intelligence.

Moreover, it is not uncommon to see people claim that you have a higher IQ than part of the population despite this not being scientifically proven. If you are amused at the idea of ​​doing this “test” which is rather visual, then here it is:

A woman is hiding in the background. Can you find it? Still can’t find it? It is the work of the artist of German origin Jörg Düsterwald whose mastery concerns the «Body Paint» which means «Body painting» a form of body art.

The woman is not hidden behind an object, she is clearly an integral part of the scene. Here is where she is. Sitting near the tree trunk. The paint on his body allowed him to blend into the background.

Let us know if you managed to find it without help! Subscribe to the site and have fun with us

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