A woman found the saddest skinny dog and brought him home


The woman saw the saddest sight as she was on her way home.

The dog, who was terribly hungry, was lying on the sidewalk. As the woman approached him, the dog screamed.

He froze in fear and tried to understand why he was suffering so much and whether this woman would be as cruel to her as others in the past.

The woman’s heart has just broken. She had never heard a dog scream like this before. She called local emergency services.

When rescuers arrived, they too could not believe what they saw and heard. This poor little girl desperately wanted to live, but he wanted her pain to stop.

The skinny dog was placed in a large kennel. They immediately took him to the veterinary clinic! The woman wanted to do her best to help him. She asked the rescuers if she could be the puppy’s adoptive mother and they agreed!

The dog was extremely shy and had a deadly fear of people. It will take a lot of work. Gaining his trust and making him feel comfortable was a top priority.

The woman worked hard every day to get closer to him. And soon the dog began to kiss her and eat from her palm.

However, he still had problems. He spent a lot of time hiding behind a chair. He was afraid, as if his trauma had defined him, he didn’t feel he deserved to be loved and cared for. But we all know that this is not the case.

Fortunately, with a lot of love and consistency, the dog finally began to trust the other people he met and became attached to his adoptive siblings. His first movement made his adoptive mother scream with joy!

We are very grateful for this salvation! The cute puppy is still in foster care, working hard to gain weight and learn what it means to be LOVED!

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