20+ photos hilarantes de parents avant et après avoir eu des enfants


They go from beers to blowouts, from blue skies to brown pants, from free to pee, and from nature to nasty. They have to switch from searching for a bar or pub to vibe at the weekend to learning which size of diaper is the most suitable.

They wave goodbye to their old golden days of playing and chilling and say hello to sleepless nights. They get themselves together to get familiar with the eeriest mixture of smells in their lives.

Parenting doesn’t need any sugar-coats. It is always the hardest job on earth because newborns and toddlers are never easy to handle. At the same time, it is also the happiest, most meaningful, sacred thing in this world. Dads’ and moms’ lives are filled with dilemmas, troubles, and joys all at once.

Some parents share their funny photos with a little sarcasm to help others see clearly what it takes to be a mommy or daddy. Scroll down and check them out!

#1. Mood’s alternation

#2. Yes being parents

#3. From namaste to take me away!

#4. Can her go back?

#5. From lifting weights to dead weight. Who’s the dumbbell now?

#6. From poppin’ bottles to dropping bottom lips

#7. From sexy French maid to just regular old maid

Before And After Having Kids

#8. From poolside to double-wide

#9. From rocking some hot pink to getting her gut poked. These kids have no shame!

#10. From raised up to passed out

Before And After Having Kids

#11. From Snow White to Grumpy (for obvious reasons)

#12. From he got game to this is so lame

#13. From looking cool to being a step stool

Before And After Having Kids

#14. From arms up to MAN DOWN! Look at that faceplant. Even her kid is impressed!

#15. The baby is smiling instead.

#16. Dog has to help.

#17. From duckface to YUCKface.

Before And After Having Kids

#18. From running marathons to running after a half-naked toddler before he pees everywhere

#19. From so focused and organized and together to googling “what day is it?” and “can parenthood kill you?”

Before And After Having Kids

#20. From champ to chump!

#21. From body shots to sippy cups. From tequila to backwash.

#22. From dressing like a wild animal to raising a wild animal

Before And After Having Kids

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