After killing the master, the dog was finally freed from the chains.


This story is about a dog named Treya. St. Louis.Il Lost Rescue turned out that the dog had been abandoned after the murder of its owner and since then it has lived a terrible life.

He was chained and only his neighbors helped him, fed him and warmed him so that the animal could survive. They could not free the animal from its chains, and even once, out of desperation, it bit its leg.

The organization does not say who is the author of all this, they found it by going to the fire department. He felt sorry for the dog and immediately called the rescuers.

The dog was taken to a shelter and immediately began to care for him. The examination revealed that he had health problems, with his emotional wounds matching his physical injuries.

He was in urgent need of healing and the rescuers thought it would be good to introduce him to a friend. So he was introduced to Little Pinky.When the dog realized that he had a new friend, he became more active.

His terrible life was over and a new one was beginning. He now lives in a safe place and is very happy, and the shelter staff expected him to soon find a dog-loving family.

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