If you can find the woman in this photo, you have an above-average IQ.


People have always loved puzzles, games, challenges, and optical illusions. Today, similar games can be found everywhere.

Some people claim that you have an above-average IQ if you can find the woman in that photo in less than five seconds. And even if you can do it, it will be impossible to scientifically prove how.

But the lucky ones can really be congratulated. If you’re still not sure if you can do it, we can give you a little hint. German artist Jörg Düsterwald is known for his incredible body art.

However, he proposed to his followers to find the woman in the photo.

Of course, the woman does not hide at all, but sits in the foreground of the image. It is cleverly drawn and merges with the trees and leaves lying on the ground, and was barely visible.

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