A friendly dog rescued a marmot that almost drowned in the lake


On a hot summer day, Lauren went to the lake with her dog and her husband.

The dog’s name was Wally. They were sailing when they noticed an animal drowning in the water.

He definitely needed help. Wally decided to jump into the water and save her. It was a groundhog.

Lauren says she and her husband couldn’t believe their eyes because their dog, Wall, jumped into the water to save the drowning animal.

The dog would concentrate at that time only on the groundhog, he would swim with him and take him ashore.

Finally, when the rodent was rescued, they appeared on the shore, and the groundhog jumped out of the dog and thanked him with his gaze.

They looked at each other for a moment, after which the groundhog left and Wall returned to the ship.

No one knew how the rodent got into the lake, but the fact is that this 2-year-old miracle retriever was able to save his life and get help in time

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